Water Conservation

The New Mexico Office of the State Enginer Water Conservation Program coordinates water conservation activities for the State of New Mexico. The program goals are to increase awareness regarding the value of our water resources; provide assistance to entities initiating water conservation plans and programs and, to assist in the development of state government policies which will encourage the implementation of water conservation measures in various water use sectors.

The water conservation resources are divided out by user group:

Other NMOSE Conservation resources:

New Mexico Interactive Plant List - In an effort to instruct New Mexicans in the art of using outdoor water more efficiently, the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, in collaboration with the US Bureau of Reclamation, is providing an expert-recommended list of low-water use, native or adaptive plants that thrive in our climate and save water.

Fix A Leak Campaign provides information on finding and fixing leaks in your home.

WaterWise Building provides information about the use of harvested rainwater and various types of wastewater to offset the use of potable water supplies in residential and commercial developments. It outlines basic state regulatory requirements for obtaining appropriate water reuse permits, and lists contact and source information of interest to builders, developers, local governmental officials and others. The information does not apply to single-family residences.