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Drought Planning

2008 Recommendations from the Drought Task Force - The State of New Mexico still suffers extreme quantity water-related conditions; parts of the state are suffering from extreme drought. The DTF is looking carefully into how New Mexico can better manage and prepare for such extreme climate conditions and is pleased to provide these recommendations.

2006 New Mexico Drought Plan - The purpose of this report is to provide information on the status of drought in New Mexico and the activities of the Governor’s Drought Task Force, outline the goals of the Task Force, and provide an assessment of risk that drought presents to our state.

Drought Planning Resources

PDF iconManaging Drought Risk on the Ranch A Planning Guide for Great Plains Ranchers

Where to Start if you are in a Drought

1. Understand how drought is affecting your forages, livestock, and finances

2. Take Inventory and Monitor

3. Develop and implement strategies to manage through current drought

4. Start planning for drought recovery

5. Start planning to improve the health of forage resources, livestock, and finances .

6. Use what you've learned to plan for drought

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